The Character Index

If you ever are perusing my blog and you come across a name of a person who you do not know anything about. Check here. The character index will include everyone I talk about on a regular basis on my blog.

Sunny–She’s my blogging buddy at Alternative Sunny Days and best friend. She’s so lovely and we’re always writing each other letters, emailing, or talking on the phone. She seems to get me when no one else does, and though sometimes our friendship has been difficult, we always seem to find each other again, because we can’t live without one another.

Caroli–My amazing, crazy, wild child best friend. She’s the friend that I love to drink coffee and watch classic movies with for hours. We’re ‘sister friends’ and when people see us together we’ve been called ‘double trouble’ and ‘sassy.’ I admit, something changes when I’m around her, and my life would definitely not be complete without her in it.

Sir Cats-A-Lot–He joins my crazy group of friends. Lately, I’ve been texting and making lots of jokes with him (God lit souls on fire for lit.)  He is one of the nicest and funniest people I know, and unbeknownst to him, he’s helping me cope with the drama in my life. He thinks I’m the queen of sass (behind Meghan Trainor) and eye rolls.

Em–My other best friend who gets my awkwardness and Broadway obsession. She’s the friend I got to freak out about fandoms with. I love her and she constantly makes me laugh.

Wesley–Named after The Princess Bride character for his constant ‘as you wishing.’ He is one of my best friends. He’s also one of the most amazing people I have and will ever meet. Funny, caring, kind, witty, sarcastic, and logical in one package. We don’t talk much anymore…

Tea–She’s Sunny’s other best friend and is one of mine as well. She’s wonderful and loves antiques and books as much a me (which is hard to find these days…). She’s British and and traveled all over Europe, which to me is so cool. Usually Sunny, Tea, and I hang out in literature (making lots of deep references) and art (comparing our art with one another’s.)

L–My older sister, who is gorgeous, and quite amazing. She’s extremely stylish, patriotic, and creative. We love to chat over coffee and dance to One Direction and Adele.

The Deluge–My sister’s group of friends, who are quite interesting. They mostly talk about people I do not know and make hilarious jokes.

Ginger–He’s my adopted brother. I always have a good time when I’m with him. He so cool with his ability to throw cards, do magic and yo-yo tricks. Usually, I make fun of his facial expressions and tease him about his ‘fan club.’









1 thought on “The Character Index”

  1. i love your description of me, but if that is all you have seen in me then there is a lot for you to learn about me. and i hope to learn ore about you as well.


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