Dear Someone XXIX

Dear Someone, she's made of wax, fighting the summer sun dripping away into nothingness the boys fall flat on their faces, and I watch as she digs her stilettos into their skulls but they still beg for one kiss off her lips as if they were blessed her jaded eyes are watching the crescendo of the sea she… Continue reading Dear Someone XXIX


Dear Someone XXI

Dear Someone, I used to be afraid to say things like, 'anxiety' and 'depression.' My whole life, I'd been told they were sins. Only those people in the medical commercials dealt with them. So, when I was asked if I was depressed in middle school, I said no. "No, no, no, I'm not sick, I'm… Continue reading Dear Someone XXI

Dear Someone XVIII

Dear Someone, we might all know the definition of free but who you are today is a result of someone who like you, were influenced and your grandma was abused and your mother bullied and your dad was a rebel and your grandpa didn't have a dad at all you're a result of the failings… Continue reading Dear Someone XVIII

Dear Someone XIV

Dear Someone, I sat in the empty truck-bed looking at the sky. Mid-air and the breeze makes my tears feel frigid on my cheeks. You are too young. I tell myself. 16. You're a cynic who thinks the world is terrible place and cried for too many people. You are too young to know about… Continue reading Dear Someone XIV