summer came and went took our innocence with the soft breeze adolescence; she caught up with us finally, after all these years from hiding from her   we traded in our dolls for mixtapes and books our lightheartedness, disappeared when we fell in love someone else and forgot to love ourselves. our contented souls now… Continue reading summer.


Dear Someone XXIX

Dear Someone, she's made of wax, fighting the summer sun dripping away into nothingness the boys fall flat on their faces, and I watch as she digs her stilettos into their skulls but they still beg for one kiss off her lips as if they were blessed her jaded eyes are watching the crescendo of the sea she… Continue reading Dear Someone XXIX

fiery revenge.

the sun is setting summer skies are eclipsing into autumn I dance a star placed in the heavens by Diana who pitied my broken heart I set your eyes afire blazing a trail of stardust into your soul you touched my skin and now your fingers burn with a fiery revenge you scream for me… Continue reading fiery revenge.

Summer Used To Be…

Summer used to be library trips. Hours searching for the perfect books. The librarians protecting me from boys asking me for my number, but suggesting their sons. Getting my library card when I was six and always using it, swearing when I start driving it'll be where I go first. Magic Tree House then Nancy… Continue reading Summer Used To Be…