summer came and went

took our innocence

with the soft breeze


she caught up with us

finally, after all these years

from hiding from her


we traded in our dolls

for mixtapes and books

our lightheartedness,

disappeared when we

fell in love someone else

and forgot to love ourselves.

our contented souls now

tossed with restlessness

new ideas, places, people

confused us


i see you sometimes

in a hazy dream

your eyes,

lost on some highway road

searching for the exit sign

your hands,

bruised from fighting

tinged with blood

your laugh,

the melancholic chords

echoing throughout the car


that’s who we are now…

lost, but still driving

searching, but never finding

and i’m still getting used to it





















Dear Someone XXIX

Dear Someone,

she’s made of wax, fighting the summer sun

dripping away into nothingness

the boys fall flat on their faces,

and I watch as she digs her stilettos into their skulls

but they still beg for one kiss off her lips

as if they were blessed

her jaded eyes are watching the crescendo of the sea

she is apart of the restless generation

she comes alive in summer air, and dies in autumn










fiery revenge.

the sun is setting
summer skies are
eclipsing into autumn
I dance
a star
placed in the heavens
by Diana
who pitied my broken heart

I set your eyes afire
blazing a trail of stardust
into your soul
you touched my skin
and now your fingers
with a fiery revenge

you scream for me
reaching out towards the heavens
but I have kissed the skies
and it loves me as I am
protecting me from
creatures of earth

A Complete Overview Of My Summer

Hi guys.

Summer 2016 is officially over for me.

Here is a overview of what happened:

  1. I went to Miami the first week of summer. I love exploring new places, I wish I could describe how colorful a city it is. I had a lot of fun.
  2. I worked a summer camp. Kids fell in love with me, I got a black eye, and I ran around barefoot giving piggy back rides and eating snacks. My kids were the craziest group and I tried to control that the first two days. Then I decided to just join the madness. They asked me to come back next year, which is surprising.
  3. I had a small crush, but I’ll never see him again. I think he was going to ask me to go on a date with him, but I was preoccupied, and didn’t notice until later. Oh well.
  4. I left two days later for the western side of the USA. Lots of car time, lots of whining from my little brother, lots of Ellie Goulding, One Direction, and Taylor Swift music on full-blast so I could drown it out.
  5. We stopped at this campground. I was swinging when this 17 year old boy joined me. He asked for my name, age, and where I was from. I told him. He told me Florida was the ugliest state. Excuse me. I told him his state was a no-name state, and that if they didn’t have a national monument no one would visit them. (I was really angry that was the first thing out of his mouth in this conversation.) That hurt his feelings. I proceeded to get off my swing and leave.
  6. Yellowstone National Park. I tried to climb over a railing; there was a small ledge, I would have been fine. My mom said to ‘get my butt back over here.’ She then bought a book called Death in Yellowstone. It’s actually really interesting. I told her I still wanted to go camping in the backcountry, and she gave me the ‘are you stupid?!” glare.
  7. My little sister got some embarrassing footage of me singing Goodness Gracious in the car (and doing the electronic beats), but I quickly deleted it.
  8. I ate ice cream almost every day. Yellowstone has really, really good ice cream.
  9. Banff National Park. It is stunning–I love it there. Canada is beautiful, and wildflowers grow everywhere.
  10. A marching band from Denmark was there. One of the guys smiled at me. Note: I was so lonely in this part of the trip that I almost hugged him, instead I just smiled and waved.
  11. SEATTLE. I am in love with Seattle. I think Seattle’s in love with me. It is so magical. I got coffee in the original Starbucks, and in another Starbucks. The baristas were so nice, and chatty, they didn’t mind when I had to pay in change. And I swear we passed 20 writers at least. I just knew when I saw them. And guys there is a restaurant in the Space Needle, it would be so cool to go on a date there. (Keep dreaming girl.) Oh! and there is artwork everywhere and museums.
  12. My grandpa passed away.  I’m still recovering. His funeral was last Friday, and it was really hard.
  13. There was this whole week where L and I just socialized the whole time. The first day was just ok. because I forgot to eat a lot, and passed out. I was the only one awake too, so it was one of the scariest moments of my life.
  14. Church camp. Agh, it was so amazing. I got my highest score in mini golf ever too, 79 (don’t laugh I know it’s horrible.)

I think that is about it. I hit all the highlights at least. The one disappointment was that I didn’t fall in love. I was expecting it to be like Grease, and find this cool guy when we traveled. Then he’d magically be here when school started. (I’m being sarcastic. I never expected this.)

So onward! Into school (YAY!) The study hall reject is back.


Summer Used To Be…

Summer used to be library trips. Hours searching for the perfect books. The librarians protecting me from boys asking me for my number, but suggesting their sons. Getting my library card when I was six and always using it, swearing when I start driving it’ll be where I go first. Magic Tree House then Nancy Drew then Lord of The Rings then Agatha Christy murder mysteries. Begging my mom to take me again after I exhausted my supply.

Summer used to be playing in the creek. Behind my house, L and I, spent our days exploring our little world. We caught fish and tadpoles, crossed over by using a sewer pipe (we technically weren’t allowed, but we’re rebels, or at least I am.) Went downstream and climbed onto private property. We had disputes about who the creek belonged to (we fought with boys about it a lot.)

Summer used to be visits to grandma’s. She would take us to the springs, VBS (up there they loved my voice and I always got solos or duets.) She gave us root beers and lots of ice cream. My grandpa would watch the westerns with me, and encouraged my Clint Eastwood love (we still sing the Rawhide theme song.) Going to cattle drives and naming our cows (Coffee, Cinnamon, Snow White, Nutmeg, etc.)

Summer used to be popsicles, sprinklers (because we don’t have a pool, and the FL sun is relentless,) swimming at the Miss J’s and her showing me her endless china, cumquats, riding our bikes in hot pursuit of each other, cloud gazing, tire swings rides (twirl of death,) and playing pretend from the time to sun came up until it came down. Go fish games, sun burns, and scooter races. Hide and seek after dark. And even cleaning the house with the radio blaring, and my siblings and I dancing and singing very off-key.

I remember I used to try and multitask by reading and riding my book AT THE SAME TIME. Not easy. I remember the neighbor’s brother telling me that his brother thought I was cute. I remember talking to myself for hours outside. I remember playing extreme hopscotch and having hula hoop contests. I remember going to my friend Nate’s house and we would eat popcorn on the trampoline, watch movies, run from L and his older sister, and visit his grandma.

Life was simple then. Summer was simple then.

They were some of the best days of my life.



Coffee Ice-Cream

Summer is coming to an end.

It probably has already, I’m just holding onto the threads of the end.

I tend to hold onto things that just can’t last forever. Like licking the bowl of my coffee ice-cream.

It was delicious, it was creamy and sweet, but also had hints of bitterness in it. I guess that describes my ice-cream and my summer. (I should do analogies more often, that was fun!)

So now as the daunting task of school unfolds in front. As I start classifications, fractions, alliterations, and a future of a coffee addict. I feel quite ready.

And…I’m done with my scatterbrained, coffee-hyped post. 🙂