Dear Someone XXXVI

Dear Someone, I want a new main character in young adult fiction. One who doesn't fall in love. One who deals with bullies, and the worst bully is herself. She tries to be everything everyone wants her to be, and crumbles more and more ever day. You see it throughout the book.┬áHer thought process. She… Continue reading Dear Someone XXXVI


Dear Someone XXXI

Dear Someone,   no one will be you again after you die   no one has your life and can see with your perspective   no one will be a better fit for your soul mate, they'll wonder where you are...   no one will have your kids, they won't have your creativity and bright… Continue reading Dear Someone XXXI

Dear Someone XVIII

Dear Someone, we might all know the definition of free but who you are today is a result of someone who like you, were influenced and your grandma was abused and your mother bullied and your dad was a rebel and your grandpa didn't have a dad at all you're a result of the failings… Continue reading Dear Someone XVIII