breaking reflections.

i dance in the springs rains

my contorted reflections are breaking into pieces

with every twirl i stamp on them

and i tell the sky,

i’m here to stay



accepting change.

i’ve been smiling more (it’s a character flaw.)

i’ve been letting people make me feel something (it’s an awkward feeling; to start blushing after a compliment.) 

i planned a little yesterday. i hadn’t let myself plan the future in a year. (i decided i wanted to live with the people who make me smile the most.) 

i cut off my hair impulsively and i love it.

i started buying gifts for people, because i want to express how much they mean to me. but, my words don’t seem to be enough. (i stopped counting money and started counting my blessings.) 

and, if someone says i have changed, i will accept that as the highest form of flattery. because, i love without borders and i am who i always wanted to be. 





i love you (not right)

they bought you flowers, chocolates, and gave                               
the normal simplistic love you wanted                              
and they say, i love you                                        
but darling, they never loved you right                              
and never gave you the love you needed.