no one ever approves, everyone shakes their head, and gives their reasons, never listens to yours, doesn't validate your feelings, too young. too dumb. too naïve. blind girl, with your head in the clouds, snap out of it. to hell with you, i love the clouds. and, i swear i will touch the sky one… Continue reading approval.


Dear Someone XXXIII

Dear Someone, People say when I was younger,  I was happy. I cried over a lost stuffed animal, but then Mom would give me teddy bear, and I would be alright. I’d name him, play with him, and move on. People say a lot of things. Now they say sad, depressed, queer. She seems to… Continue reading Dear Someone XXXIII

Dear Someone III

Dear Someone, we sit the lights are dimming the water is simmering, under the heat of summer twilight the stars are shining brightly tonight. I hold tightly onto your wrist. we cry the sun draws us with stencils with thick lines and dark pencils as we run down the burning sidewalks from our parents and… Continue reading Dear Someone III


I saw the sun set                                                       will it ever rise again?                                                  the blackness is a plague                                            it takes victims                                                I wonder when it will grab me... sometimes the phone rings                                            I let it ring and ring and ring                                       afraid someone might hold me responsible                             on the other line… Continue reading who?