reckless. she told me last evening over the phone. she's right. reckless. i have always been reckless. an unbroken stallion. wanting to run free and in the wild, even though everyone is trying to help me, even though i am well taken care of. reckless, breaking through barriers. the word won't stop repeating in my… Continue reading reckless.



Disappointment. I cry out my frustration; trying not to break the mirror in front of me. Liar. I panic at night, and know I don't deserve trust anymore. Terrible influence. I¬†compartmentalize my personality, so I can't ruin anyone else. Bad, bad, bad. I throw up, unable to take it anymore. The feeling washes down the… Continue reading sorry.

about me.

dear someone, i got rid of my about page, so i thought i might as well. (how to even start...?) i love winona ryder, she is everything i want to be. (plus, i want to date christian slater (from heathers)¬†good lord, the leather trench coat and gold hoop were attractive.) i'm kind of a poet,… Continue reading about me.