maybe, i am in so much pain because i live in a world of frauds copying the same painting when i'm an impressionist and they say my work is too different from the original and i sank into madness  


analysis of self.

I don't recognize myself anymore, who is this girl? I never look her in the eyes or tears will ruin her perfect facade of foundation and mascara and then everyone will know.   people say, "I love you." people say, "you're not alone." but I feel alone when they hug me, I feel numb as… Continue reading analysis of self.

peter pan, take me away.

peter pan take me away I'm a lost girl who'd rather play pretend and sword fight all day than face this reality it hurts so peter pan you and I are so full of dreams and people keep crushing them our cynical side is showing more than we would like peter pan we cannot let them win so… Continue reading peter pan, take me away.