I think one day, we'll sing the anthems from our adolescence that made us feel alive when the world was crumbling and our souls felt like they were drugged and smile, instead of cry because we made it... and I thought for so long we wouldn't.      


Cure-All Songs

Songs I'm listening to right now to help me... Tears--Clean Bandit, Louisa Johnson THE WHOLE ENTIRE WIPED OUT! By The Neighbourhood ALBUM. Gosh, this helps me through it all. Especially--Daddy Issues, Cry Baby, Single, The Beach, and Prey. Maybe--Birdy. We can hope right? I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo--Capital Cities. The lyric, black is my favorite… Continue reading Cure-All Songs

Music Is My Escape.

There a side of me which only comes out when I'm alone. When I turn on the stereo full-blast and listen to music. It is only then, I sing confidently and to my full potential. It is only then, something in me comes alive. No makeup on, my hair thrown up in a messy bun, pajamas,… Continue reading Music Is My Escape.