breaking reflections.

i dance in the springs rains

my contorted reflections are breaking into pieces

with every twirl i stamp on them

and i tell the sky,

i’m here to stay



built to be broken.

we all built to broken;

to be worn down


we all are built to be fixed;

to be stronger

and i am being built up brick by brick

for something i can’t foresee

the blueprints are beautiful though 



sadness and i go as far back as birth

i entered this world crying


joy tells me

just because i’ve known something my whole life

doesn’t mean i don’t deserve change

i’m ignoring sadness’ calls and dancing around my room with joy. 


a excerpt from my poetry volume, logolepsy, coming soon. 

mental illness

don’t tell me mental illnesses doesn’t change you

when I am finally singing my favorite songs again

getting out of the house

talking to people, and opening up to my friends

learning how to love right

finding who I am as a person

don’t tell me mental illness doesn’t affect my outlook on life 

you look for the scars on others,

you hear, ‘I’m okay,’ as ‘help me.’

you watch for the pauses or breaks in people’s voices

you worry about your loved ones

you fear relapse at every turn






strip away this girl.

give her pink nail polish, instead of black.

let her read magazines instead of philosophies.

give her coffee with cream and two sugars; black seems too bitter.

let her bury herself between rose fragrances and blush eyeshadows.

give her hope that sweet will cut the bitterness. even though we know, bitter starts at a young age, when someone decided you weren’t too young to learn adult-things. 

trade in the clash for radio hits.

laugh, smile, laugh, smile…just get used to it.

trade in her poetry journal entries for the ridiculous journals in the stores that say, you’ve got this or boss. 

…you’ll get used to this.

give her hope this hole in her heart, six feet deeper every year, can be fixed by brainwashing herself to be happy. 




we’re all human.

I told him how far I had fallen,

held my breath for the goodbye

for him to leave

but he just said,

 I’m not mad, we’re all human, love 

and, what would I do without you?

making me feel new when I have messed up


I called her, admitting things

I had been afraid to say

sobbing, crying, ashamed

and she just said

we’re all human, I could never judge you

and, the earth stopped shaking

when she chose to love me not hate me.