please don't say goodbye again, it's breaking my heart. I didn't realize how lonely I was, until you came and we talked for an hour. it wasn't long enough... and soon you'll be going home again when this was once your home this is heartbreaking, I have to stop dwelling on the past.


fight time.

We sat side by side in the dressing room, tears streaming down our faces, broken, bleeding, crying for help; you held my hand, and said we had to stay friends, fight time, fight the impending pages rustling by quickly... too quickly. I want to freeze time and stay with you. I want to miss you [...]

You See Me Differently

  You say I'm crazy, untrustworthy, and sensitive. You say I have too many trust issues, low-self esteem, and bad judgement. I wish you were wrong, but you're right...I'm all of those things. Do you know how many people I've let in? Not many. This girl without makeup, that tries not to cry because she's [...]