someone give me life, because lately I'm having a hard time staying awake I laid in my bed--mid day-- and stared at my ceiling in silence my sweatshirt doesn't keep me warm anymore I'm chilled to my core there is a lump in my throat, I tried to wash it away but it's latched on… Continue reading resuscitate.


being human is getting too complicated.

I'll never understand people. We break, fight, gossip, and hurt each other. We throw our sticks, stones, and words. We fall in love, we have best friends, we make promises. We fall out of love, we lose our best friends, we break our promises. And, it's by choice. I sometimes can't sleep because I'm haunted by… Continue reading being human is getting too complicated.

I’m Climbing.

3 AM. I lie in my bed, replaying and replaying my life in my mind. The hurt, the pain, the bullies, the lies, the boys. I can't help it of late, I don't even have the strength to fight it at all today. I usually throw in a couple good memories in the endless slideshow, but… Continue reading I’m Climbing.