lost girls.

dedicated to the three girls who entered my life this year, and have forever changed it.  we bundled under blankets of compliments no need for men addicted to coffee and tea we talked about the sky, changing the world books, poetry we winged our eyeliner we danced to our favorite indie music painting watercolors on… Continue reading lost girls.


new year.

2017, the girl is changed   winter fought my way through depression and anxiety found out the underlying roots, and scared me. it's hard to face the things that made you. almost took my life. gritted my teeth, and prayed for spring to bring regrowth. harassed by a boy. and, I let him... the only thing good that… Continue reading new year.

a warm memory.

Everyone asks what happened to you...where you've been...weren't you best friends? I smile. Yes, we were. My heart sinks. We were, weren't we? I can't hide the past, even though it hurts sometimes. I still drink out of coffee cup, have the prom photos hung up in my room, and the letters you wrote me… Continue reading a warm memory.

we’ll be poetry.

I get tipsy off tea samples, and you don't mind at all. I sang along to the song in the car, and you laughed at my dramatic reenactment. I am raw at midnight, and we sit and talk on the couch. I communicate with you through glances, smiles, and winks. Someday, we'll drive to the best… Continue reading we’ll be poetry.


Her hands have a slight tremor. "Stop that; I am in control," she whispers to them. They have words written in pen--smudging on the ends--all over them. People tell her the ink will poison her, and she just laughs. Her eyes are held open by mascara and cups of coffee. No cream, no sugar, she… Continue reading innocence.