Dear Someone XXXVI

Dear Someone, I want a new main character in young adult fiction. One who doesn't fall in love. One who deals with bullies, and the worst bully is herself. She tries to be everything everyone wants her to be, and crumbles more and more ever day. You see it throughout the book. Her thought process. She… Continue reading Dear Someone XXXVI


Dear Someone VI

Dear Someone, I'm writing story, and I'd like to share some of goes nothing:   “Someday, we’ll be angels, right now we should be human. Hurt and cracked but a beautiful flawed.” I mumble Haze’s words under my breath. Lance glances over at me. “My best friend said that,” I say louder. “What was… Continue reading Dear Someone VI

Dear Anne Shirley.

Dear Anne Shirley, My book friend, how have you been? I picked you up again yesterday. Your book smells of morning dew and coffee stains. You greeted me with a red haired, freckled, smile. You were on the bridge, talking about the colors of the sky and magic spells, and Gilbert was still bothering you about love.… Continue reading Dear Anne Shirley.


“Dah-ling, you worry too much. He’s just not seen you yet, and when he does, he’ll realize what a huge mistake he’s making.” I slam my hand onto the desk. “That’s just it Jene, what if—it’s not a mistake.” I look at her miserably as she sorts collectable pins. “What if, I just cannot see the good… Continue reading Excerpts.

The Storm

She loves the calm before the storm. When the wind-chimes sing their warnings, And the rain slowly starts tumbling. She sits on her driveway and watches, Tilting her head up for the cleansing rains. As the lightening begins, To dance across the sky, In flashes of irresistible fire, She's tempted to try and touch it. People… Continue reading The Storm