Dear Someone XII

Dear Someone,

Why make America “great” again?

On hate and fear?

America isn’t perfect; she never has been.

We should make her great,

With love and open hearts.


We are the land of the free and brave;

Not the land of the enslaved and cowards.








Mediocrity–My Greatest Fear

I want more than this—this mediocrity.

I want to see places and know. To be able to say I’ve been there.

I want to do what I love, and not settle for less than that. People who do fill me with grief, and I will not give up on these dreams.

I want to get married—no matter what I say out loud. Deep down, in my heart, I know I want that undying love.

I want children. I want to teach them about fairies and take them on adventures. I want to offer them the world, and fuel their dreams—because I know they’re important.

I want to be someone people trust and care about. The person people ask advice from, someone people write to.

I want to help others; I want to be there for them.

But right now…I’m stuck.


Without love.

Writing on scrap paper and my random thoughts.

Barely ever leaving the state.

My greatest fear in life, the fear I conceal from people; is that I will die in mediocrity. That I will never live the life I wanted to lead. That I will never be known—that I will rot in my grave to be forgotten, and never spoken of.

It sends an uncertainty into my heart, making me feel forever uneasy.