new year.

2017, the girl is changed   winter fought my way through depression and anxiety found out the underlying roots, and scared me. it's hard to face the things that made you. almost took my life. gritted my teeth, and prayed for spring to bring regrowth. harassed by a boy. and, I let him... the only thing good that… Continue reading new year.


rearview mirror.

i'm tired of looking at myself in the rearview mirror of the car wondering waiting watching for a sign i did something right and if nothing else, i just want to prove to myself there is something i am good for besides breaking crashing wrecking the lives around me.  


i've never quite fit in, i've always felt taped into reality from a separate page, i fill my mind with ideas, ethics, quotes, artwork, culture, and i enjoy brightly colored sweaters and folk music, simple things; the smell after it rains, noir movies, and wildflowers. for some reason, my bed is always unmade and my… Continue reading split.

emotional wreck.

"I am an emotional wreck," I said when my life felt it was falling into pieces. Nothing seemed right. My emotions were rampant, and I didn't know if I was feeling one without feeling another. "My emotional wreck." He responded. I knew he didn't know the half it; that he didn't understand the fractures and how I reset… Continue reading emotional wreck.

burned bridges.

I am not who I once was all my poetry seems to hit that resounding note maybe, I can't get past the fact I have murdered my old self, and no one notices or that I love watching bridges burn the charred remains of the 'glory days' a ghost wandering these hallowed grounds, why do… Continue reading burned bridges.