keep the letters.

the letters

handwritten, desperate

pleas i handed you

you didn’t even care

enough to read


you kept the letters

those muddled

sleepless nights

drowning in anxiety

words that will condemn me


i wish i’d never talked to you

on those school steps

when you softly lied

and i believed you

because i wanted to


no one will love you

you don’t have a soul

sold it into slavery for

drugs, rock + roll

and your eyes are blackened


keep the letters

they are a past

i’d rather forget

but i hope you never forget

the soul you tried to corrupt












gas station girl.

navy blue skies
filled with ashy clouds
threatening rain
humid air;
it’s clammy hands
grabbing at her skin

thriving on
Arizona teas
and gas station
florescent lights
driving around in the
beat up car

trying to get her to
pay him mind
he told her
pretty wasn’t everything
but by god,
it was something

because, pretty
is what you think of
on long nights
what you hold onto
substance of body
over substance of mind

she laughed
because, her mind is
over stimulated
and her worn body roams
from gas station to gas station,
her face set in a frown

married to the air
and the sky
married to a feeling
of freedom
to this car
not to his smoking silhouette


boy, we’re a mangled mess

we couldn’t love right even if we tried

you look worried for me

but I’m worried about you too

the silence is killing me


you said let’s talk soon

about what? our feelings?

when? when we’re dead?

we’ll dance in the fire, won’t we?

my heart is burning with longing


I can’t label what we are

friends, foes, or lovers

I want you to kiss me

and hold me tight

but I want you to leave my life as well


















Dear Someone XXIX

Dear Someone,

she’s made of wax, fighting the summer sun

dripping away into nothingness

the boys fall flat on their faces,

and I watch as she digs her stilettos into their skulls

but they still beg for one kiss off her lips

as if they were blessed

her jaded eyes are watching the crescendo of the sea

she is apart of the restless generation

she comes alive in summer air, and dies in autumn










Dear Someone XXVI

Dear Someone,

I could get lost in you,
with you.
you took my hand
gripped it and pulled me away.
behind closed doors of my heart, I love you
yet you make me psychotic

I could blow up buildings for you
kill the people who made you hurt,
who messed with your mind.
I used to cover my pain
but now I wear it for you
and I will self-destruct in the end



Dear Someone XXII

Dear Someone,

he was the evil I hid
and it was fun at first
but then–it was too much
they say you shouldn’t feed the monster
but I did, because I’m a rebel
and it felt right
they say sin is wrong, but isn’t it fun?
don’t you feel like you’re flying?
when really you’re falling?
now I’ve hit the rock bottom
tiny shards of glass
and people can’t pick me back up
I wish I would’ve listened
now I’m too far gone.