reckless. she told me last evening over the phone. she's right. reckless. i have always been reckless. an unbroken stallion. wanting to run free and in the wild, even though everyone is trying to help me, even though i am well taken care of. reckless, breaking through barriers. the word won't stop repeating in my… Continue reading reckless.


rearview mirror.

i'm tired of looking at myself in the rearview mirror of the car wondering waiting watching for a sign i did something right and if nothing else, i just want to prove to myself there is something i am good for besides breaking crashing wrecking the lives around me.  

thank you for 500 followers.

Perhaps, I am insane. They say writers are...but I am not a writer... I am a mess; an incurable and incorrigible one. Words aren't mine. The words I write aren't mine.  I simply, lose myself with them. Because, words are my best friend. When the rest of the world is writing a book, or a poem; I… Continue reading thank you for 500 followers.