normal girls.

We were normal girls. We fell in love with boys, recklessly, hopelessly, and constantly. She would cry tears of mascara and glittery eyeshadow on the steps. And, we'd swear off them as if they were drugs. And, maybe they were, because we always found ourselves falling again. We worried about our bodies. We pinched our… Continue reading normal girls.



  he touches my back whispers in my ear touches my thigh, says since we're family, he can do whatever he wants when I asked him to stop   told I wasn't skinny enough, told I was psycho, told I was a mute, catcalled and made fun of never was the pretty girl never was… Continue reading blame.

analysis of self.

I don't recognize myself anymore, who is this girl? I never look her in the eyes or tears will ruin her perfect facade of foundation and mascara and then everyone will know.   people say, "I love you." people say, "you're not alone." but I feel alone when they hug me, I feel numb as… Continue reading analysis of self.

there she goes.

there she goes laughing at someone's joke society's embodiment of beauty kind, her smiles sent warmth to your soul they told me once, she was the greatest person you'd ever meet   there she goes the laugh occurs less often she keeps confiding in others she feels ugly her smiles hold cries for help she's… Continue reading there she goes.

Dear Someone VIII

Dear Someone, Let's be honest.   When was the last time one of us looked into the mirror and didn't point out a flaw? When was the last time you walked alone and didn't glance nervously behind you? When was the last time you weren't harrassed? Girls, what happened to us? We grew up. We… Continue reading Dear Someone VIII

Brittle Is The New Beautiful.

Change this, change that, Your mouth needs to be upturned, Even if your smile is fake. Your personality needs to be ours, Even if you forget who you used to be. Spend your money, On clothing items that you’ll wear, To impress, but feel idiotic in. On makeup, You don’t know how to put on. On… Continue reading Brittle Is The New Beautiful.