dead flowers.

dead flowers

are forgotten because they

lose their vibrancy

so are our lives 


from my poetry volume, logolepsy, coming soon. 





watching through windows.

there is a girl who lives fifteen minutes from me

she vacations on the jersey shore

she had long hair; now it’s short

she had me; now it’s no longer us

i watch her through windows 

and, i let her live because i think she’s better off without me 



I just wanted to share that I’ve started on the process of self-publishing. And, I would love feedback from more experienced writers and also some advice.

Also, support is always appreciated and to the 530 who follow me, I will need that. Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, and maybe if I convince you buying my book when it comes out.

Thank you! And stay lovely!




when this song plays

and I’m watching a romantic comedy with herbal tea

I swear you’re next to me 

let me tell you I’m agitated today

let me tell you I looked at five jobs today, so I could get to you

I write you love sonnets in my head; never for your ears to hear

my insides are torn and washing in a continuous rinse cycle

the definition of agony is distance between you and me