about the author.

she is an accumulation of song lyrics, dusty books, and love sonnets.

she is melancholy; the most optimistic pessimist you’ll ever meet.

she enjoys cappucciSMP_1676nos, and shots of espresso. she loves the smell after it rains, and pine tree needles. she likes vintage items: her mother’s sweater, sepia-tone photographs, and typewriters.

brutal honesty is her specialty. she can also write, analyze literature, and make a good cup of coffee/tea. she dabbles in sketching, baking, falling in love, and singing.

never mention: summer, the month of december in 2016, breakfast at tiffany’s, love, scars, or the city paris. if you do, proceed with caution and bring tissues.

for a basic synopsis: she is a mess.

but, a truly artistic, chaotic masterpiece.