Liv, An Introduction.

You can find me sitting on a wall or looking out windows.

Holding a tumblr of coffee.

My trusty I-Pod playing Taylor Swift.

Pen in hand, jotting down random ideas in my journal.


I’m Liv.

I like chai tea lattes, midnight drives, navy blue nail polish, and rain.

I love magical things and moments.

Magical things would be meaningful and life changing books, music, antiques, pens and paper, trees, movies, stairs (they make me feel like royalty), cats, chocolate, and coffee.

Magical moments would include, a perfect cloud-dappled day with a slight breeze, rainy days, writing the perfect sentence, reading something so profound  you stare at the wall and think about it for hours, finding someone who understands you, or simply finding something that makes you jump for joy.

I’ve been called many things, odd, illogical, weird, crazy, interesting, quiet, loud, head-in-the-clouds–just to list a few. It doesn’t bother me because honestly I am.

I’m only 16. A junior in high school, I’m working hard to get into my dream college for a English degree.

I write mostly poetry. I’m working on a novel. My largest piece of writing are my journals–they go back to 3rd grade, whether in composition note-books, random pieces of college ruled paper, or my sketch book.

So by now you’re probably like, ‘what is this blog even about?’ Well, it’s about pretty much my random life, with tons of randomness, silliness, loveliness, sadness, and a bunch more, so as long as you can stand grammatical errors (I may write but I do not edit well.) I think you’ll like my little nook.