Dear Someone XXXIII

Dear Someone,

People say when I was younger,  I was happy.

I cried over a lost stuffed animal, but then Mom would give me teddy bear, and I would be alright. I’d name him, play with him, and move on.

People say a lot of things. Now they say sad, depressed, queer.

She seems to cry all the time.

We’re giving her new friends to replace the old ones. But, she’s still upset that the old ones got lost. Why can’t she just play with what’s she’s given?

Because, deep down. I still think of that purple overall clad lamb, with the pink flower in her hair. I wonder if she found another kid, who loved her as much as I did. I remember taking her everywhere, and holding her close at night.

But–you can wish for something your entire life, and look in trash bins at supermarkets hoping the lamb comes back, and it won’t.












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