Dear Someone XXIV

Dear Someone,

He typed, “I NEED you Olivia.”

I cried as I laid in my bed.

It wasn’t like all the boys I had known, who said to those four words to fill the void, and make me stay on the planet for one more day. It wasn’t meaningless. It was a cry.

“And I responded with angry because I’m scared for you, when really you deserve love.” I sob on the pillow.

“Love?” I scoff. “No, I don’t.” 

“Yes, you do.”

And, his love isn’t full of lust or jealousy. It is friendly and understanding. That’s all I need, right now at least.

That’s the story of how I’m alive another day. Because, someone said they needed me, and how I deserve love.

That changed my perspective. I never thought I deserved anything…especially love.










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