Dear Someone XVIII

Dear Someone,

we might all know the definition of free
but who you are today
is a result of someone
who like you, were influenced

and your grandma was abused
and your mother bullied
and your dad was a rebel
and your grandpa didn’t have a dad at all

you’re a result of the failings and glories
because, they learned that life is give and take
and you are never “free”
and that giving into their wishes is easier

I think that bothers you
you are more than mediocre life
and paying bills and making money
and sinking away until you die nameless

being free, screw that
you are going to take from life,
rise above stereotypes of being a childbearing matron,
and having a 9 to 5 job

being human, screw that
you are the sun for someone
and the rain for others
breathing and seeing others for who they are.

and you won’t hide your past from your children
because you think they can’t handle it
they need to know you’re real and alive
and they’re not alone.




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