Dear Someone XI

Dear Someone,

The music was too loud. Perfect by One Direction. It was a cacophony against the wind and messy off-key voices. Yet it was MY wind and MY messy voice.

The windows in the car were rolled down; the car top down. We were going faster than the speed limit.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to fly; to touch the sky and the stars. I wonder if it would burn.

I was stuck in that car. I was stuck on this planet. I was stuck in this body.

It wasn’t pain, or hurt.

It was longing for something I could never have.

And I think that is the worst type of sadness.

Wanting to be out your body, but you are bound to the ground.




4 thoughts on “Dear Someone XI”

    1. when I was little I would run around the kitchen table with my arms spread, so frustrated that my feet wouldn’t lift off the ground and fly. I wanted to be a bird.
      I loved this. ❤

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