Dear Someone VII

Dear Someone,

Only the poets,
see the unraveling of the world around us;
see the people suffering
and who wear mask after mask
and don’t peel to their true selves for anyone.

Only the poets,
feel sadness drown their souls
and stay up till the sun rises
who do not understand pain and loss
so they write masterpieces.

Only the poets,
are misunderstood and considered broken
because their masterpieces are,
all dripping in madness
and so others stay away.

Only the poets,
can truly understand other poets
read their words and feel like
there is someone out there in the world
struggling with them; a kindred spirit.

Only the poets,
lovers, the wanderers,
the lonely, the insomniacs,
the addicts, the unstable;
only the queer are the poets.




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