Dear Someone V

Dear Someone,


if I talked like a movie
we’d be less confused
subtitles you can read
eloquent and meaningful
pushing us towards the climax…
we’d never get lost in syntax

if I sang you a song
and you hummed along in harmony
you’d see what I was trying to say
wasn’t twisted, but only
needed a melody
we’d never feel lonely.

I wonder if we were meant to break
or if I forced it
because I’m selfish and not myself
in an alternate universe
we never fight
and we never lose each other.

I know you see me
how I’ve changed for the worse
I’m like this chipped black nail polish
dark and brooding,
broken and peeling at the edges.
Can you even look at me?

so, I’m writing this saying,
I don’t know…
who I am anymore
who we are anymore
and if we can go back
and for that I’m sorry.




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