Dear Someone III

Dear Someone,

we sit
the lights are dimming
the water is simmering,
under the heat of summer twilight
the stars are shining brightly tonight.
I hold tightly onto your wrist.

we cry
the sun draws us with stencils
with thick lines and dark pencils
as we run down the burning sidewalks
from our parents and their ever-long talks
our tears drip on the concrete, making a mysterious dye.

we cover
the pain with bandages and a pill
someone told us we were ill
sick in the head
pieces of unwinding thread
at least, we have each other.

we sing
forlorn tunes
about the beach and sand dunes
car rides and training wheels
California and the feels
in the back of my mind, your voice rings

we lie
about who we are truly are
I know your deepest scars
and I’ll never judge you
you know that to be true
so just wait, we’ll run away in a little while.

we plan
a life far, far away
I know you’ll stay
two girls, the world on their fingertips
the taste of freedom on their lips
they can’t catch us here, no woman or man.

I wrote this poem, for my best friend.




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