Goodbye Forever.

There is a girl. No–not this time.

There was me. Liv.

I started a blog in 2015. It was a concept. It grew to 389 followers.

I want to thank everyone who followed me, who invested in me. You are special, and I love all of you. Never doubt it.

I’ve changed, probably for the worse, but it’ll be alright.

Maybe–you’ll see my name in a book store one day, or maybe not. Who knows in this life.

I’ll leave my site up. Someone might find it, and get something from it.

I hope someone got something. 

I hope I changed someone and helped someone. That I wasn’t some other poet, or faceless blogger.

Thanks for standing by me.


Yours truly,



13 thoughts on “Goodbye Forever.”

  1. Liv, i know you might not be okay right now but i really hope you will be soon. i’ll miss you and your writing so much, and just so you know, you did do something. not just for me but for plenty of others too, reading your writing has made me feel some way or another and it’s had meaning to me. good luck with wherever you go and whatever you do ❤

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  2. so sad to see you go! but hey whatever feels best for you i completely support you 🙂 have a wonderful, amazing life wherever it leads you and i’m so thankful i was able to be a part of your blogging journey even if for a short time. you were always incredibly sweet to me and i do hope to someday see your name on a novel in a bookstore somewhere. your poetry is beautiful and i always loved seeing your posts pop up in my reader, maybe someday our paths will cross again somehow even though we were never incredibly close i still feel like we would have been friends in another time and place somewhere, somehow. much love, xxx

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