I put your name first
colored us on a white sheet
and hung it on my fridge
you can’t erase crayons
frail stick figures
that held hands
we had a small house
with smoke
billowing out the chimney.

My magnets weren’t sticking
I made more pictures
add my family,
my father glares at you
add my friends,
I dance from page to page
they seemed to stay,
but our picture slid farther away.

You set our house our fire
the wax shimmered and melted
more smoke fumes
I couldn’t even breathe
you gripped my wrist
so hard I snapped
I ran away to another page
and I was forced to throw you away.

You never stuck to the magnets,
because I drew the picture,
you never helped.
You let me draw and dream
though your heart never was in it.
There is a new picture
on my fridge now
it’s of a girl standing surrounded by other people
who cared enough to help draw.


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