I saw the sun set                                                      
will it ever rise again?                                                 
the blackness is a plague                                           
it takes victims                                               
I wonder when it will grab me…

sometimes the phone rings                                           
I let it ring and ring and ring                                      
afraid someone might hold me responsible                            
on the other line                                          
someone might confront my problems

the boy said he loved me                                           
and I sat in a state of panic                                    
he said he was leaving                                            
and I was in state of confusion                                        
my emotions are muddled

I wake up confident                                                   
who I see is a masterpiece                                         
at the end of the day                                           
art is propaganda                                                   
slash her to pieces

how did this happen?                                                 
my reflection                        
is seen through dirty puddles                                      
no one appreciates how much heart                                
I’ve given each of them

what’s left for me?                                                
I wonder at times                                                  
is it selfish? Is it?                                              
to wonder if you are worn too thin?                                 
if these chalky bones have been ground into dust?

is it alright?                                                 
that I cry in the shower                                          
so no one can see                                                 
is it alright?                                                    
that when left alone                                                
my mind turns against me.

is it healthy?                                                   
that happy people                                                
drive me insane                                                     
is it healthy?                                                        
that my trust issues                                           
influence my decisions?

who knows                                                            
who cares                                                           
who breathes                                                        
who lives                                                       
who dies                                                              
just me I guess.


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