Find Me.

For people who might want to find me in the future.

You can find me…

I’ll be in the coffee shops, sitting at the window seats. Cappuccino on my lips and a book in my hands.

In the antique shops. Looking for objects without a home, because everything deserves one.

In the streets, watching the sun rise and watching for new possibilities.

I’ll be on the road, a nomad of sorts. Visiting old friends who have children and are getting their degrees. Visiting all those places I’ve seen in the pictures.

I’ll be talking to children, and telling them fairytales. Showing them ways to see the magic in the every day, because someone has to.

I’ll have long hair with a strip of evergreen in it. My favorite t-shirts and jeans. Barefoot, and still dancing circles around you. A beat-up car, because I won’t be able to afford anything else.

The music will blare around me. All the songs I’ve accumulated over the years. All the folk, rap, electronic, alternative, pop, indie, and even country. Listen, and you’ll find me.

But maybe–you won’t go searching far. When you pass my name in the bookstore, maybe one day, and you’ll pick it up. I’ll be in every page with you and everyone else I ever knew. It will take you back to those good days, when we were still kids.


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