reality knocking

a writer?
the relatives like to ask.
a writer?
the teachers like to laugh.
yes, a writer.
what about money?
what about your future family?

we’re not a first class family.
we are second class
where you have to work
to sleep in this bed
and put food in your mouth

have a back-up
have a realistic ambition
is reality knocking yet?
mortality is your fate

your grandpa is dead
now grandma is our responsibility
and her health issues are staggering
your papa is still working
that man never seems to have a day off
he is so old, yet watch him work his 9-5

and you–
you want to be a writer
that will get you nowhere
words are not money
words are not food
it may sound harsh
but it is for your own good
how many writers have you heard of?
what are the chances you will make it?

slim to none
I know
I know it is true
so why do I reject it?
reality is knocking
I didn’t answer
so she knocked down the door
now she’s sitting in the parlor
waiting for my decision
I let her wait in silence
she might wait for a while.


5 thoughts on “reality knocking”

  1. SO TRUE. This captures what a lot of people believe when it comes to writing. That it shouldn’t be a profession, because you don’t get paid enough. Not everything is about money and some people fail to realize that.

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