Excerpts 5

“Do you know, once, she told me that if you looked closely at the sky, you could see it change. But—if you looked away, you would miss the transformation completely.”

“No, I didn’t.” I responded.

“Yes, she said things like that all the time. I responded with, ‘why that’s nice’ or I ignored her. I know she’s right, why I’ve watched the sky all day, and it seems to change every second.” He blinks back the tears, that wanted to drip out of the crevices in his eyes.

“She used to surprise me by saying those things. She didn’t just write poetry, she breathed it and spoke it.” I tell him, letting him know he wasn’t the only one who had ignored the words she spoke.

I don’t why, but I love this one. It makes me feel so many mixed emotions.


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