young things.

what did we know of love?
we were young
experimental and detrimental
hopeless romantics
on 2 o’clock insomnia

searching for the unachievable
we fed off each other’s enthusiasm
for our future
we forgot
we might not have one

we watched each other bleed
but we never made tourniquets
we crumpled the dark thoughts
our minds liked to draw
we criticized the hypocrites
though we changed daily

prideful, spiteful
young things
with an eye
for pain
we knew how to hold ourselves
together with sloppy stitching
which unthreaded every night

these secrets
we told
will stay with us for a lifetime
mine will rot your very core
making you wonder if I even made it
and yours taste
bitter on my tongue
an aftertaste I can’t get rid of

everyone was right
everyone but us
you turned out
to be all the boys before
and I turned out
be your daydreams
dressed in nightmares

we move on
we fall in love with other people
if your children ever ask
tell them my name
and about the girl
before we broke
before we grew old


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