There are people, who glance at your heart, and keep walking.

There are people, who rip some out, and run away with it.

There are people, who touch your heart, and affect that certain part.

Then there are some people, who peek into every crack, every shadow. They turn it inside out, and leave you changed.

Notice, the leave in the last sentence. Yes, they leave, and when they do…they tear your heart from your chest.

But, somehow, someone else will pick it up, and put it back. Stich you up and hug you until the pain goes away. They’ll sing you to sleep and tell you it will be alright.

Those people touch your soul. They care less about your heart, but more about what lies deepest inside, the welfare of your soul.

That is what makes them your soul-mate.

Hold onto those people. They are the rarest of them all.


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