Hello, For Old Time’s Sake.

I sang and danced, as I walked, trying to lift my spirits. I thought I was alone, but someone caught me.

The boy down the street, with his fluffy black hair and bony figure. He reminded me of Max from The Book Thief, with his brown eyes watching me. He stands outside in his driveway, though usually he stays inside.

It’s funny…I’ve known this boy almost my entire life. We played together, but now we just watch each other get by. I know he sees me ride around at night, or lie in the grass. I know his parents are getting divorced, I know he has a hard time smiling. We just watch though, we never ask.

He’s 16 and leaving this street behind. I’m 16 and staying here.

He waved, and I waved back. There was a slight smirk on his face, I guess he found it funny to find me singing. We haven’t spoken, since I was 14.

I almost said hello, for old time’s sake.

But by the time I opened up my mouth, he had gone inside.

‘Hello, how have you been?’ I whisper under my breath. “Let me tell what’s happened in the past 2 years, though you probably don’t even care. This song I’m singing has a meaning, do you wanna know what? It’s called Codes by Ellie Goulding. It’s helping me cope, what helps you cope with your parents divorcing?…..”

I stopped myself.

I kept walking. I left his house behind, and headed towards mine.

I need to stop trying to rekindle relationships I left behind. Or maybe, I should run back… I should ask him if we can restart.












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