L & I

You may think you have the greatest older sister…but you’re wrong. Mine is the best.

L is my sister, best friend, and room-mate.

We don’t have much in common. She has blonde hair, I have brown. She is extroverted, and I’m introverted. She paints and sketches, I read and write. She loves sports, I will watch from the side-lines.

But, that hasn’t really stopped us. Probably because for a long time…we weren’t friends. We were just sisters.

When I was born in 2000, L was already 2. She liked being an only child, and I ruined that. There is this picture my parents have of us, I’m crying (because I’m a baby and they cry lots) and L in response starts crying as well.

But when she learned she was stuck with me, I guess she warmed up. In fact, our friendship started, and an intense loyalty towards one another. One of my favorite memories, was when I was 4 and L was 6. We stood in the window, and I said to her, ‘I cannot wait to be 6, then we’ll be the same age.’ She just laughed. ‘That’s not how it works.’ She told me. ‘Yes it is.’ I said confidently. (It’s not how it works. :P)

Our friendship had its kinks. It still does. We fought a lot as kids and tweens. L wanted me to leave her alone, because I was ruining her ‘cool’ vibe. I was jealous of her in middle school.

But she always had my back. When this girl kept asking for my money, and I couldn’t say no (I was a push-over, because I desperately wanted friends) L went and talked to her. Let’s just say, she didn’t speak to me again the whole week. I’m pretty sure if a guy ever hurts me, she’ll kill him.

When she leaves…I get really lonely. Ask any of my friends, I say it constantly.

We love to dance. We love to act completely crazy, lip syncing Justin Bieber or One Direction. We love watching chick flicks together and criticizing or crying. We love ice cream late at night. We love competing.

Today, L turns 18. She’s officially an adult. (WHAT?!) I’m so blessed to have her in my life, and I cannot wait for her to get back so I can hug her.



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