forget she said it.

there is this girl
she helps you
she helps them
whoever asks, they receive
her own problems
get buried in the moment

she does stupid things
it helps break up the monotony
of her life
they help her feel alive
don’t ask her to stop
she never will
for anyone

she’s afraid of being alone
shrugging it off
laughing it off
making up a life
everyone thinks is what she really wants

she’s unlovable
too many unrealisticย dreams
too many realistic problems
they leave as soon as they come
without even saying goodbye

she’s reading
reciting the words
she’s afraid to say
she’s listening to her music
telling them to listen
though they never do
though she’s hidden in every song

she’s lying
to you
to everyone
it’s the only way
she doesn’t get pitied
sent away
or worried about

she’s dying
but so is everyone else
it’s only a matter of time
forget she said that
forget she said all of it
she didn’t mean it
but then again she might
don’t worry
she’ll make it.


9 thoughts on “forget she said it.”

      1. Life is all about good times followed by bad times followed by good times again. Even if it is a bad time now, I am happy because I know it will end and be followed by good times again ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

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