There Are Things That Are Better Said.

There are some things I wished I had said.

I wonder what would have happened.

If I said, ‘you’re rude.’ to the girl who told me to talk to her butt, when I tried to make conversation. Would it have stopped the bulling there?

If I said, ‘no’ to all the people who took advantage of me. Who took my money, who took my time, would I be more trusting?

If I said, ‘I love you’ to all the boys I thought I did, would I be single? If I said ‘I love you’ to the people who have since left my life, would they have stayed?

If I said, ‘your opinion doesn’t matter’ to the people who said I wasn’t a good enough singer or writer, would I be more confident? Would they have stopped telling me it?

If I said, ‘I’m not __’ to  all those boys who called me rude things, and laughed to my face, where would I be? Who would I be?

Maybe, it was for the best. Maybe, I was meant to be this way.

What I have learned is say what’s on your mind, stand up for yourself, and never back down.

Even then, I’ll probably leave a couple things unsaid. Even then, it will be alright.



4 thoughts on “There Are Things That Are Better Said.”

  1. This reminds me of a song – Brave by Sara Barreiles (pretty sure I got the spelling wrong) I feel whatever the consequence, it’s best to speak up. What’s the worst that can happen? If you don’t speak up, you will live your life with the burden of a ‘could have’ or ‘would have’


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