My Children Will Know.

My children will not be fake.

They will be real.

They will learn to get to know people first. Not go off first impressions, or gossip.

They will think for themselves. I want them to be independent, free-spirited, and perceive things for what they really are. Not the stuff they will be told to believe, shoved down their throats.

I want them to make mistakes. I want to know that life is full of heart-ache, but there are shining moments. I want to them to learn, not by what I say, but what Christ says.

They’ll learn that books are weapons, and I’ll read C.S. Lewis and L.M Montgomery to them. Let them know that through trials, there is always good worth fighting for.

I want them to follow their dreams. Even if people tell them it’s impossible. I will never say that; because I know that can make the light go out of your eyes. I don’t care if they are smart, as long as they have drive.

I want them to learn that there are fake friends, and the real ones. I want to teach them how to find real ones, so they can identify them in them in the future.

But–most of all. I will to tell them that they are perfect, in Christ, NOT in this world. I will teach them what people think, doesn’t matter as long as they are living for Him.

I know I’m not going to be a perfect parent, or I may never be one. But–my children will be more than mine. I feel this burden for the whole next generation.



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