gray walls & facades

rebel without a cause
some sort of james dean
leaning on that
gray wall
half smile
smoldering eyes
which seem to make
all the girls faint

you must know
by the way you hold your head
the world was yours
given to you on a silver platter

but you have a side
only I know

take out your contacts
bring out your books
rustled feathers for hair
talk about philosophies
and your ideas for a better world

I know your dreams
how you want more than a trophy
I know your parents
and their expectations are overwhelming
I know how you sometimes
snort when you laugh

they may hate it
but I love you for it

that doesn’t matter though
you’re seeking their love
their admiration
their candied hearts
sickeningly sweet
you don’t need me
unless you’re at rock bottom
when we’re alone

talk about everything
at the same time
cross girls off your list
when they all leave
I’ll be right here
on the opposite gray wall
maybe, then you’ll see


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