40 Things That Lift My Spirit

  1. Bible studies. I love reading my Bible in the morning and then just reflecting…
  2. Hanging out with my best friends. Just being with them, talking, walking, laughing, I don’t know I always feel so refreshed afterwards.
  3. Talking to my dog, Sadie. She just listens to my rants patiently and nods in agreement.
  4. Riding my bike, right after a storm, with my music blaring.
  5. Having a pen-pal. I need to get a new one. (Any volunteers, I  write 3 page long letters and give away gifts.)
  6. Reading a book that changes your whole outlook on life.
  7. Studying encyclopedias.
  8. Finding old photos, that resurface the best of times.
  9. Hitting the note in a song, just right.
  10. Movie marathons late at night with coffee ice-cream.
  11. Exploring cities.
  12. Looking at stars on hay bales in autumn.
  13. Feeding the cows and when they let you pet them.
  14. Playing hopscotch with my little brother.
  15. Finding new music.
  16. Dressing up. Doing my make-up ridiculous.
  17. Doing the Virginia Reel (it’s this dance with lots of skipping.)
  18. Midnight drives.
  19. Swimming under-water.
  20. Concerts. Oh my gosh. That feeling that you’re this close to your favorite singer, who’s helped you through hard times.
  21. Singing duets.
  22. Running over hills. I get that Julie Andrews vibe.
  23. Anything fast. I love going fast.
  24. Being alone. (Which is coming soon in study hall!)
  25. Playing tag.
  26. Skipping, or frolicking. (Ward does it with me.)
  27. Writing the perfect sentence that makes your skin tingle, because you cannot believe that came out of your mind.
  28. Goodreads quote searches, with my cup of tea and note-cards.
  29. Sketching. I know I’m horrible. But–I only see it, so I’m good.
  30. Disney World. I am such a kid, but I love singing Tangled songs, and chasing after Peter Pan.
  31. When you have a really good dream.
  32. Sitting on the dock down by the lake, late at night.
  33. Describing people.
  34. Getting an ‘A.’ in class.
  35. When someone says your writing is ‘amazing.’ I kind of melt into a puddle, and cannot speak for an hour afterwards.
  36. Finding a really good pen.
  37. Drinking a chai tea latte and listening to chill music.
  38. Cooking. Baking.
  39. Waking up feeling refreshed in the morning. Like, I actually got sleep, what is this feeling?
  40. Swinging. I absolutely love swinging.

11 thoughts on “40 Things That Lift My Spirit”

  1. can we do all of this please??? but not the letter writing, sorry boo but I can’t write very well and I don’t want to put you through that pain. but seriously i want to pet a cow

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