you & I

you and I
cannot seem to get it right
no matter how hard we try

we fall in love
with those fickle boys
but yet inspiring
they keep breaking our hearts
and we swear off them
to find
we run back

we seem to dream
up ridiculous schemes
people worry about
how confused and scatter-brained
we are
it gets worse as we get older

we are crazy
immature girls
who giggle still
who believe in unicorns
who think hot coffee makes you look more intellectual

we have the words though
people are realizing
we’re more than a pretty faces
we have ideas as well

somehow the words
keep us together
keep us grounded
keep us going

so, I’m here to tell you
we don’t have to get it right
there is not a ‘right’ way
no matter the situation
so we should just keep trying

you might fall
I might fall
but I have you
and you have me
that’s all I need


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