Pulled in every direction,

She didn’t know what she wanted, what she needed.

People told her, forced her, and persuaded her.

Maybe that is why freedom is so important to her.

Freedom, she wants so badly. To do what she wants, to decide what she wants.

No expectations, no arguments, no more hurt.

She can’t please anyone. She’s tried, she’s trying as we speak.

Her friends, her parents, her siblings, her classmates, her teachers, her grandparents, everyone.

People gossip. They slander. They backstab. It always reaches her eventually—and it hurts.

Don’t talk to him/her, don’t be that, don’t wear that, you should believe this, these people are horrible, try this—not that, be this, go here, you’re acting weird, you’re so happy it must be that dude; circle her every day.

They’re consuming her, the words.

She wants to be invisible so no one can judge.

She wants to be free to do what she wants for once.

She wants to be her own person. And think without imposing forces.



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