This Is The Truth…Whether You Like It Or Not.

I write. That’s what I tell people.

What? They like to ask. Why? How?

The reason I hide my writing from people know in real life, is because they are judgmental. Those people read one sentence, and think I’m depressed and unchristian. Are you ok? They ask. I want to answer truthfully, I’m not all the time. But I don’t, I keep my mouth shut.

I am not perfect. I am not always happy, especially not here. This is my outlet, so I don’t scream at you in real life. These words, help me decipher my life, my troubled past, my unclear future, my vivid present that may or not haunt me in the future.

You remember Little Girl? I’m Liv-Sort Of?  I almost deleted them. Because I was afraid of how raw and real it was for me. I don’t publish a lot of things, because I push myself to be this perfect angel that I was told I should be. I have to lie my parents sometimes, tell them that isn’t about me, that it was fictional, because they don’t understand. Because they tell me I should be happier, that I should be this and that, that they will take away my writing because they’re worried about their 2nd oldest who used to be this bubbly, angelic child.

The past is the past, I whisper in those arguments. That girl disappeared years ago, I want to scream, but instead I just write in black ink and hide it in some ripped folder.

It’s a struggle. To fight back your past. The anxiety, the depression, the not eating, the eating too much, the bitterness, the hurt. People make jokes about it, but it’s really not a joke. It hurts a lot. I write on my hand every day, the words that help me forgive, to love, to be kind; and even then I manage to screw up.

I’ve built these walls around myself, because I’m scared of people these days. That they will leave me, that they will break me again. When really, if they leave it’s because of my pride, my fear. I’m scared of myself, because I’m stuck, and I keep trying to get out, but I keep rebuilding those walls.

A handful of people in real life know about this blog. Sometimes, I think I would love to open it up to the public, to let them know who I am. To publish something. That novel I’m working on–it will probably never leave this computer–it deals with themes I’ve dealt with, that I’ve seen others deal with. But, I don’t because I’m afraid people will question my Christianity.

I don’t write fairy-tale endings, or happy ones. I write what I like to call bitter-sweet fiction. Because stories are supposed to reflect real life, not some perfect world. Heroines and heroes should fight with morals and themselves, not just with their fists. If they fall in love, they should fight, and even maybe leave each other. People will die, and the others will not just forget, they will find them in everything.

If you knew me, you would be surprised. I don’t talk much, because I can’t. I talk gibberish and mumble under my breath what I really think.  If I do talk more, it’s because I’m extremely comfortable around you, which is a select few. I think constantly, I can’t turn it off, it keeps me up in the night. I hurt for people who tell me their problems, I cry and pray for them, even bloggers I’ve never met, even people I see cross the street. It makes me angry when people start slandering others, because I’ve been there, and they don’t deserve it, they are humans too; they have feelings too.

I wonder how sometimes I’m still alive to be completely honest. I wonder why I’m still alive. I know my purpose is found in Christ, but I wonder what He wants me to do, because I feel useless a lot of times.

I wonder why I still blog at times. But–then I remember when I post a poem that reflects how I’m feeling, and people comment below. They tell me that it’s true, that it describes their life at them moment, that it’s helping. Those comments mean the world to me, they keep me going, they keep me writing.

This is my outlet. This is the inner-workings of my brain, the things I struggle with. I’m sorry if you can’t handle the intenseness at times. I know it’s sometimes dark, but so is my life.

I want you to know I am happy a lot of times, but happiness is not all the time.

I’m not seeking glory anymore. I’m just helping others and myself. I have already seen glory–and it’s even not found here–it’s found in Christ. I’m sorry if you think that having these struggles makes me less Christian, because it doesn’t.

And I’m not deleting this post. This is the truth, whether you like or not.



14 thoughts on “This Is The Truth…Whether You Like It Or Not.”

    1. My thoughts exactly. I’m just so sick and tired of being judged, though I know it’s going to happen my entire life. I’m learning that I just have to be me, and if they don’t like me–I can’t help it.

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      1. Yeah I know. I’ve actually studied it, and though I don’t necessarily believe it, I’m not going to make fun of it. That’s just insensitive.
        Yeah, I know, I’m learning that the people who do love as you are, are worth holding onto (aka you 😉 ) ❤

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      2. Haha no it really doesn’t. I think it’s cool, at least if you accuse me of something it’s probably right 😂 I love to learn about other religions too. But so many of them are small and have small differences and it’s very odd

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  1. You’ll never be less Christian. People of all faiths go through all types of struggles, and expressing them in any way makes them human. I will always respect you for your writing, because it’s raw and real and you. You won’t be okay all the time, and you need to let that out.


  2. Girl. Wow. Thank you for writing this, it takes courage to be honest, and well, you have to let the truth out somehow and somewhere – it’s freeing somewhat. I want you to know that you are NOT alone. I was weeping as I read this, because I am dealing with a sort of depression myself, and it’s terrible, and I know how it feels. I know how it’s a scary thing to open up, because you’re afraid that if you tell people they will think that you’re not really saved, or that you’re crazy, and you’re afraid they might hate you or forsake you. I know that struggle. I’m thankful for the precious few people in my life who I can be totally honest with, who will love me, support me, pray for me, care for me, hold my hand through anything – no matter what, and even more thankful for a Father who knows and understands my heart, my weaknesses, my brokenness, my sin, and still loves me.

    You are absolutely right, your struggles do NOT make you any less Christian. Why would we need Jesus, if we didn’t have struggles?

    And I can totally relate to much of what you said… the depression and the feeling worthless and all the walls built up around me and the fear… and also the part you said about “I hurt for people who tell me their problems, I cry and pray for them, even bloggers I’ve never met, even people I see cross the street” – UM ME TOO! I’ve cried over posts of people I’ve never met, my heart aches for people I see on the street, and I pray for all sorts of people whose faces I have never seen in the flesh. Because my heart aches for them. And “I know my purpose is found in Christ, but I wonder what He wants me to do, because I feel useless a lot of times.” Same here. But neither you or I are useless – God has created both of us for a purpose, He wants to use us for His glory! I don’t know what that purpose is for me yet, and often I feel like what I do doesn’t matter, but this is a lie. God can and does use the smaller, seemingly insignificant things to change lives and do big things. You have a purpose, and even if you don’t know what it is, God does, and maybe someday you will find out. Maybe someday I will find out. Hopefully soon =)

    Stay strong, keep fighting, keep looking to Christ.

    With you in the fight,

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  3. Damn, this hit me SO hard! Honestly, wow. You’ve genuinely summed up why I hide my more raw poems. And just because sometimes you don’t feel ok, doesn’t make you any less Christian. Whoever says this are seriously ignorant, because if humans are all made in God’s image then why should this make you any less of a Christian? Sorry, I’m going off on a tangent, I just love Christianity – I find religion so interesting. As someone who writes poems a lot, and usually as an emotional outlet, I find it so horrible that you feel so oppressed as a writer, and that society makes you want to hide it. And the fact that you keep writing despite the ignorance of others is genuinely brilliant because so many people would have stopped the moment they were brushed with the criticism. What you are doing is admirable and you should 100% keep writing! I wish you all the best!

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    1. Thank you so much! And yes, I’ve come to the same conclusion which is why I’m self-publishing a poetry volume soon. It comes to the point where you have to realize that some people will not understand, and others will learn and glean something from it.

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