All This Time.

She was wild yet caged,
Searching for someone who told her she was possible,
Someone who drove fast enough to escape this town.
Someone who was her kindred spirit.
That was me.
I liked to tell her subtly,
But she never seemed to hear.

Her hair flies as I drive,
Her around this town.
She unconsciously sings to the song on the radio,
As she stares out the window,
At what…I will never know.
‘Where is he?’ She complains to me.
‘I don’t know.’ I sadly reply.

She lives in a constant daydream,
And I only wake up her for a moment or so.
Sometimes, when I see her,
I wish she would never find him,
And she would stay in my life every day.
So I would be the only one who got the pleasure,
Of snapping her out that heavenly reverie.

Her tears fall,
And they make her eyes look like kaleidoscopes.
I hug her, trying to let her know that I was there,
Even after he broke her heart,
Even after all this time.
But, she didn’t want my love,
She pushed me away every time.

When I asked her why she didn’t love me,
Her words were,
‘I was scared that if we ever more, we’d fight and I’d lose you forever.’
All these years, all these moments,
We were pretending to love others, when we had something all this time.
I kissed her before she could say no.
She let me, and I swear I never felt more alive.

I wrote this from the perspective of a boy narrator. I’ve done a lot of female narrators, so I though I’d mix it up.


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