My friends will leave to find their dreams, to get married, and to find their own place in this world.


I will have to leave as well. I will have to find some place in this world that might accept me.


This cinder-block house will be empty, and our footsteps mixed with our giddy laughter  will echo.


My tree will die, her leaves will wilt, and her lilac flowers will stop blooming every summer.


I might find someone who will love me unconditionally. Who might want to deal with my problems and antics. And maybe, we’ll build a life together.


I might come back home. I might sit in this house, and wonder where the years went. I might see figments of my imagination running around or cooking in the kitchen.

I might drive around this sleepless town, and I’ll imagine my friends. Sunny skipping with me, arms linked and singing Taylor Swift lyrics, down the sidewalk. Caroli and I making wishes in the fountain, and pretending we’re in Sound of Music. Wesley laughing at something weird I did, and me acting offended. Ward driving us somewhere, and humming Justin Bieber.

I might wonder what happened. Where they are, if they’re alright, if they’re happy.


That’s not today or tomorrow.

Someday though.




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