“Dah-ling, you worry too much. He’s just not seen you yet, and when he does, he’ll realize what a huge mistake he’s making.”

I slam my hand onto the desk. “That’s just it Jene, what if—it’s not a mistake.” I look at her miserably as she sorts collectable pins. “What if, I just cannot see the good in her and the bad in him? What if I’ve been wasting my time?”

She looks at me, and smiles sadly. “Then, maybe it’s time to move on.”

I groan and my insides twist. “Jene, it’s not that simple. I have tried, really tried, but every single time without fail, I see him and every single wall comes crashing down.”

I trace the scratches on the counter. “If I could, I would be over him and dating someone. I would go to some college, or do something good in my life. But…here I am.”

An excerpt from my work-in-progress novel.


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