Singing In The Rain.

I walked alone on a trail.

My family, was caught up in the lake, but the stream which flowed from it, caught my attention.

People passed, couples with interlaced hands too caught up in each other to see the beauty, photographers holding their camera at the ready, hoping for the perfect place for the perfect photograph.

But I think I had already found the perfect place.

The sky was a mix of grays and whites, blurring together in an ashy collision. Mountains towered in the distance, the clouds shadowing their tops. Snow sat in their crevices. The lake, was the deepest aquamarine, and fir trees crowded the edges.

The stream was the same color, but instead of still and quiet, flowed swiftly. Nothing seemed to stop it, logs, rocks, small islands.

A light rain shower had started, making the air chillier. The air smelled of pine trees and rain, it hit my nose and I sucked it in readily.

The sidewalk glistened as I walked. I avoided puddles and held my hands in my pockets, not used to this cold of weather.

That’s when it hit me…the words to a song. As a little girl, I used to go outside in the rain with a black umbrella to sing this song.

‘Do-de-do-de-do-do. I’m singing in the rain; I’m singing in the rain. What a glorious feeling….’ I couldn’t help singing as I walked along. I did a twirl. A man passed, and laughed, but I didn’t seem to care.

I felt in that moment…like anything was possible. I could sing and dance and laugh and swim in the freezing river. Nothing would stop me. No one could. There were no rules, just me and my crazy love for beautiful things. I didn’t think about anyone at home, people who may or not be missing me, I didn’t worry about disappearing, dying, grades, what people thought, or the future.

And I will never forget that feeling.

Entry from my journal: July 5 2016. Banff National Park, Canada.


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